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PythoN: Automated Tissue Dissociation System

Dr. Yuanyuan Chen, Senior Director at Singleron Biotechnologies, introduces PythoN™, our new fully automated tissue dissociation instrument that can quickly dissociate fresh, solid tissues into high-quality single-cell suspensions.   ...

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Single Cell Sequencing: a new dimension in cancer diagnosis and treatment

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Büttner is Chairman for Pathology at the University of Cologne. At the ESHG 2021 Symposium, he talked about the topic of single cell sequencing and his view and his experience on the possibilities for cancer diagnostics and treatment.   ...

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Spatio-temporal landscape of mouse epididymal cells defined by large-scale single-cell RNA-seq

Professor Hao Chen of the Medical School of Nantong University, presented a comprehensive spatio-temporal atlas of mouse epididymal cells using innovative single-cell RNAseq methods. This will include a novel method to detect time-resolved nascent RNA kinetics, using case studies from both recently ...

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CLindex: a sample multiplexing method for single cell transcriptomic analysis

Dr. Julie Laliberte, R&D Director at Singleron Biotechnologies presents on CLindex, a new sample multiplexing method developed by Singleron. Leave no cell behind: How to overcome the limitations of sample multiplexing, to remove species and cell-type bias, using a completely, antibody-independe...

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Webinar - NSCLC Lung Cancer

Talk 1: Prof. Margarete Odenthal, Head of the Laboratory of Translational Research at the Institute for Pathology, University of Cologne Comprehensive profiling of tumour heterogeneity and its microenvironment in advanced non-small cell lung cancer at single cell resolution.    Talk 2...

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