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The unique sCelLiVE tissue processing solutions make single-cell sequencing feasible, even for difficult biopsy samples. These solutions solve the current bottleneck for clinical sample storage, transportation and processing, enabling single-cell applications into longitudinal and multi-centre cohort studies.

sCelLiVETissue Preservation Solution

With a proprietary buffer system, the product mimics the homeostasis within the body and shock condition ex vivo can be avoided. Cells can stay alive for 72 hours after tissue collection, and the high viability of cells ensures proper analysis of all cell types, even those prone to degradation, such as neutrophils.


sCelLiVE Tissue Dissociation Solution

With a proprietary combination of digestive enzymes, through mild yet effective digestion of the interstitial components and cell connections in the tissue, the Master Mix quickly dissociates tissues into a single cell suspension and cell viability is maintained. It is suitable for a variety of normal and tumor tissues and biopsies, even difficult tissue types, such as skin, bone, brain, and pancreas.

Singleron has tested and successfully processed more than 300 sample types with the sCelLiVE™ products.

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