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DynaSCOPE Single Cell RNA Dynamics Library Kit

DynaSCOPE Single Cell RNA Dynamics Library Kit is the one-and-only commercial kit available that measures the rate and level of nascent RNA over a period of time in single cells.

By labeling the RNA synthesis intermediates and parallel analysis of thousands of cells for their gene expression level, DynaSCOPE can differentiate the “new” transcript from the “old” transcript and enable the measurement of the kinetics of RNA transcription and degradation in every single cell. Transcription dynamics has opened up new ways of studying cellular gene expression events and regulations, by adding a third dimension-- the “time” scale-- to our current understanding.


Your first high-throughput single-cell transcription dynamics research tool
  • 01
    Transcription Dynamics

    RNA turn-over rate and Metabolism

  • 02
    Developmental Biology

    Neural Development

  • 03
    Infectious Disease

    Mechanisms for Infection at Different Stages 

  • 04
    Drug Development

    Monitor Drug Target Effects

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