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End-of-the-year Specials!

Up to 20% off on:
• High Throughput Single Cell Sequencing Service, Products and Instruments
• Automated Tissue Dissociation
Offer is valid until Dec 17th 2021

Promotion Package "Tissue Dissociation"

PythoN – Automated 8-Channel Tissue Dissociation

Reliably obtain viable single cells
• Viabilities (>90%)
• Suitable for any type of fresh tissue, including needle biopsies
• Automated procedure for mechanical and enzymatic dissociation
• Plug-in and play – just a 15 minutes procedure
• 1-year money back guaranty

Option 1: Instrument
• PythoN instrument - incl. 24 dissuciation reactions, enzyme solution & tubes

Option 2: Instrument & consumables
• PythoN instrument - incl. 336 dissuciation reactions, enzyme solution & tubes

Promotion Package "Service"

End-to-end Single Cell Sequencing Service Contracts

Simply send us your tissue, we take care of the rest.
• Comprehensive all-in-one Service
• Project support from single cell experts
• Curated database for clinical relevant data analysis
• Experience based on thousands of successfully processed samples

Promotion Package "Complete workflow"

Complete and Automated High Throughput Single Cell Sequencing Workflow

Discover Singleron´s whole single cell analysis process from sample preservation to bioinformatic analysis, reagents and software.
Singleron´s workflow comprises:
• All setup and trainings
• PythoN TM Automated Tissue Dissociation System
• Matrix TM Fully Automated Single Cell Processing Platform
• GEXSCOPE® Single Cell RNA Kit* and CeleScope TM Software

*all reagents and chips necessary for preservation, dissociation, library prep and analysis of 16 tissue samples

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