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sCircleSingle Cell Full-Length TCR Sequencing Library Kit

Singleron's sCircle technology enables full-length V(D)J reagion sequencing at single cell level with short-read sequencing.

Using Singleron's GEXSCOPE® technology, single cells are partitioned into individual microwells, and mRNAs are captured by uniquely barcoded beads. The mRNA are then reverse transcribed into cDNA, followed by a circularization step introduced by a circle handle. By circularization of cDNA, the V(D)J region was brought closer to the sequencing primer. After two rounds of enrichments, the products will be fragmented and constructed for full-length VDJ library for illumina short-read sequencing. 

High RNA capturing efficiency and V(D)J specificity

VDJ recombination is the process by which T cell and B cells randomely assemble different gene segments – known as variable (V), diversity (D) and joining (J) genes – in order to generate unique receptors (known as antigen receptors) that can collectively recognize many different types of molecule. The V(D)J region is one of the most highly diversed region on human genome, contributing to complex human immune responses. Therefore understanding the full-length sequences of T cell V(D)J regions provided a more precise understanding towards the immune processes. 

  • 01
    Immune Microenvironment

    Tumor Infiltrating T cells

  • 02
    Autoimmune Diseases

    Identify abnormal T cells in Immune System 

  • 03

    Identify rejection risks for transplantation

  • 04
    Theraputics Development

    Development of Immunetherapies

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