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Webinar invitation: Singleron PythoN™ Automated Tissue Dissociation System
Time:2021-09-09 19:17:03  

Learn about the brand-new PythoN™ Tissue Dissociation System, perfect for single cell sequencing, Flow cytometry, Cell sorting, CITE-seq. 

Fast:   intelligent workflow within 15 min

Low-input:  start with as low as 10mg tissue

High quality:  high viability (>90%), high yield, for +200 tissue types


In this webinar, you will learn: 

1. PythoN tissue dissociation system and unique features

2. Case studies using PythoN system, with data from benchmarking experiments

3.The benefits of PythoN in your single cell sequencing projects


Register Now for the Webinar:

September 29th (Wednesday), 4PM Central European Summer Time


Click here for registration


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