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Singleron at the ASCO breakthrough summit
Time:2019-03-11 21:17:36  

The ASCO Breakthrough Summit took place on October 13th, 2019 in Bangkok. This summit is the world’s first global breakthrough summit for oncologists, who brought the very latest discoveries inthe field of oncology focusing on cancer screening and prevention, cancer diagnosis, cancer treatment and patient care. It covers the cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, single-cell sequencing, surgical robot, etc. The summit inspired innovation and will transform the future of cancer care.


Summit Summary 




Singleron Poster -
A transcriptomic landscape of cancer and TME in early-stage lung adenocarcinoma by single-cell sequencing

A cooperative study by Nanjing Medical University Affiliated Cancer Hospital and Singleron was awarded the ASCO Abstract Award. 



In this study, tumor tissue and blood samples of 28 early-stage NSCLC patients were collected and single-cell transcriptome sequencing and whole exome sequencing were performed. This study provided a detailed cell atlas of early-stage lung adenocarcinoma and identified gene expression patterns of tumor and TME cell sub-clusters. By comparing TME cells among patients with different mutation status, we identified changes in various tumor-infiltrating T cell subtypes and myeloid cells. Single-cell analyses offer valuable knowledge of immune changes for each patient subgroup, providing a useful tool for the rational design of immune therapies. Further study on an early-stage NSCLC patient with lymphatic metastasis identified a serious of marker genes and pathways, which might provide special value for clinical diagnosis for NSCLC. 

        Dr. Siwei Wang, Jiangsu Cancer Hospital                                                                     Yiqi Zhou, Singleron 


During the ASCO summit, many researchers came to the Poster of Singleron to discuss with us on the potential applications of single-cell sequencing technology, especially the applications in cancer precision medicine.

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