From single cell multi-omics to precision medicine
We strive to overcome the limitations of the state-of-the-art in single cell analysis. With our one-stop-shop solution for single cell multi-omics sequencing, we open the door for novel approaches in clinical research and molecular diagnostics.

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We care for your samples, you care for science
Our all-in-one single-cell sequencing service utilizes Singleron's unique products and applications, combined with an outstanding bioinformatics report for each of your precious samples. Our experience based on thousands of clinical samples with a success rate >94%, give you the security to rely on the comprehensive results. Simply establish single-cell research in your lab routine.

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Our Applications:

Our proprietary SCOPE technology comprises the entire process from fresh tissue preservation and dissociation, automated single cell partition and barcoding, to the subsequent library preparation and bioinformatic analysis. With our innovative single cell transcriptome and multi-omics solutions, we enable clinical researchers to translate deep insights of diseases into guidance for medical practice.

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GEXSCOPE® - Single Cell RNA

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GEXSCOPE® Single Cell Immune Receptor

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FocuSCOPETM Single Cell MultiOmics

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DynaSCOPETM Single Cell MultiOmics

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Our Technologies

Our patented SCOPE Microfluidic Microwell Chip for single cell partition; Effective tissue preservation and dissociation solution; Clinical-relevant data interpretation

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Bringing single cell analysis to the clinics

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Start with single cell sequencing without any specialised instruments!

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